Our Preschool Philosophy


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Mission Statement

At Fairyland Preschool, we recognise early childhood as a unique and valuable stage of life. The 0-5 years are a time of significant growth in a child's life and for establishing the important foundations for future development and a journey of lifelong learning. We aim to reflect both the diversity and values of our community, as well as being committed to excellence in the provision of not only care but also educational program.

Our program has been developed and influenced by the Early Years Learning Framework, adhering to the guidelines set by ACECQA and the National Quality Framework.

As educators at Fairyland, we believe a love of learning is one of the greatest gifts you can give a child. Our stimulating, natural learning environments are designed to encourage wellbeing, wonder, and belonging, as well as enhancing each child's strengths, competence, and self-esteem.

Preschool Learning Philosophy

Fairyland Preschool is honoured to continue the traditions of teaching, learning, and respecting the environment of the Awabakal people, the original custodians that have lived and learnt on the land on which we are located.

At Fairyland Preschool, we strive to build a strong sense of community which is nurtured through understanding and respectful relationships.

We work with both families and the services and agencies within our community to support all children in our care. We are committed to providing clear lines of communication and collaboration between families. We listen to and learn from families to acknowledge and build upon their strengths and competencies and support them in their role of nurturing children.

It is through play that children can construct knowledge, build new understandings, and extend their inherent curiosity and capabilities. Through play, intentional teaching, and spontaneous learning experiences we provide a stimulating and challenging environment to encourage and nurture each child's love of learning. Our program will assist each child to learn to interact effectively and in doing so to learn to balance their own rights, needs and feelings with those of others. Through our program and daily interactions, we will work with children to help them understand they are global citizens with shared responsibilities to the environment and humanity.

Secure attachments and relationships with responsive and highly qualified educators are the foundations of learning. As educators, we are aware that collaborative partnerships are crucial to successful education. These relationships enable children to contribute to their world both now and in the future. As educators, we play a significant role in scaffolding children's learning by expanding upon their existing knowledge. This is achieved through interactions that extend and challenge the child's desire to learn.

As professional educators, our knowledge and qualifications are maintained through ongoing professional development, meetings, discussions, and reflective practice. Each educator is an individual contributing their own interests, skills, experience, and knowledge which supports the evolving development of our program. Each educator is committed to creating a unified team and we draw importance to the advantageous staff-child ratios delivered at Fairyland.


Fairyland Preschool is now accepting children from the age of 2, you no longer have to wait until age 3 to attend our wonderful centre.