Summer is highly anticipated by children and their parents all during the school year. Those long lazy days of sleeping in and not having a rigid schedule are so appealing for young and old alike. At Fairyland Preschool, we know it’s not uncommon to have run out of things to keep your kids entertained a couple of weeks into the summer break when the majority of facilities that offer childcare in Newcastle are closed. Use these tips to keep everyone happy until school starts again.

Try A Lesson

The summer is a great time to foster a new skill and learn something new. You can find all kinds of classes, from sports to music to arts and crafts, at your local library or recreation centre. These classes are usually divided by age group so you can find one that is age appropriate and where your child can spend time with other kids their age.

Summer Reading Challenge

Most cities have a public library where your child can sign up for the reading program. This is a challenge where your child can read books and earn prizes based on how long he or she reads or how many books he or she reads. It’s a fun way to engage young readers and devour new books all summer long. It’s also a fun way to introduce your kids to the favourites of your childhood.

Cook Something

Kids of all ages love cooking and there are recipes that even the youngest child can make with a little help from you. Try homemade ice cream sandwiches or popsicles to beat the heat if you have little ones. If your kids are older, try something a bit more advanced, like fajitas or tacos. Invite friends or family members to sample your delicious new recipes. Enjoy your food out on the patio for an added summertime touch.

Go for a Nature Walk

There’s a lot of nature to see in the summertime and early in the morning or in the evening is a prime time to get outside and see it without roasting in the heat. Walk around a lake and watch of ducks and different kind of bugs. Go for a hike and look for wildlife while you collect rocks and leaves. Wade in a river and look for fish and other aquatic creatures. Kids love this stuff and so will you.

If you are looking for alternatives to childcare in Newcastle this summer, hopefully these tips will help. Meanwhile, you should also think about enrolling your child for the new term at Fairyland Preschool. Call us anytime.