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Outstanding education & childcare program for young children aged 2-5 years.

Fairyland Preschool Barnsley provides an outstanding education and child care program for young children aged 2-5 years. We pride ourselves on having a stable, cohesive team of dedicated child care professionals. With a centre of only 25 children per day, our passionate educators focus on the importance of each child’s individual journey. Focusing on maintaining strengths and evolving weaknesses. At Fairyland Preschool, we have developed a strong reputation for providing outstanding preschool and childcare education programs for more than 30 years.

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We provide a school readiness program that starts from the moment you walk into our beautiful preschool. Our early learning school readiness program emphasises not only language, maths, science, sustainability and environmental awareness, health and art among others. The friendship and respect our staff display for one another transfer to our children and families. With a stable team of dedicated childcare professionals, long-term, trust-based relationships are a feature of our small Fairyland community. Children are taught independence, resilience as well as the importance of friendship and community.

Our centre is located in a quiet area of Lake Macquarie with a private, secure yard and beautiful inside rooms. Specifically designed for learning; children can enjoy nature and develop important gross motor skills at the same time. Consisting of many natural play spaces, it provides a fantastic environment for children to explore. Children play a large role in the education and care of their environment. That’s why we have created our daily routine to incorporate care and respect of the animals living at our Preschool. This includes; chickens, fish and birds as well as tending our extensive garden and vegetables.

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