Welcome to Fairyland Preschool Barnsley


Every Child is an Important Individual, Not One of a Large Number

children in preschool Newcastle - Fairyland Preschool
Fairyland Preschool Barnsley provides an outstanding education and care program for young children aged 2-5 years. Our centre is different to typical long day care centres, a difference our passionate educators are very proud of. We are a small centre of 25 places per day, allowing us to value each child's individual interests, strengths, culture and abilities. When you step inside our environment you will be greeted by children working purposefully and happily with each other and educators.

Fairyland Preschool Barnsley enjoys a strong reputation for providing outstanding education and care programs for more than 30 years. We owe our excellent reputation to providing dedicated, personalized educational support to develop the specific talents of each child in our care. Due to our exceptional reputation, we have children enrolling from throughout the Newcastle region, including Holmesville, as well as Cameron Park and the wider Lake Macquarie area. Our carefully prepared and presented inside environment acts as a stimulus to engage children, leading to self-discovery of the many and varied materials.

We provide a school readiness program that starts from the time you walk into our preschool. Our school readiness program introduces and reinforces not only language, maths, science, sustainability and environmental awareness, health and art but also independence, resilience and most importantly the value of being part of a community and friendships.

We pride ourselves on having a stable, cohesive team of dedicated professionals. The friendship and respect our staff display for one another transfers to our children and families. Long-term, trust based relationships are a feature of our Fairyland community.

Our centre enjoys the quiet and peace of a residential area within Lake Macquarie with a secure private outside yard. Our outside area includes many natural play spaces providing a fantastic environment for children to explore and discover nature and develop important gross motor skills. Children are active participants in the care of their environment and our daily routine incorporates care and respect of our animals such as chickens, fish and birds as well as tending our extensive garden and vegetables.

We welcome your interest in our centre and look forward to meeting with you and your family soon.

Fairyland Preschool is now accepting children from the age of 2, you no longer have to wait until age 3 to attend our wonderful centre.